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Our Top Rated Squeegee

When Choosing The Best Squeegee

A Squeegee is an essential tool for keeping showers mold-free. Also for window cleaning a squeegee is the perfect tool and therefore should not be missing in any household. Especially with showers that have glass walls, annoying water spots can arise. After a short time, they cloud the shine of the shower cubicle. So you do not have to constantly clean the shower, you should therefore look for a squeegee as a useful tool. After each shower, the shower walls should be removed with the appliance. The process takes only a minute or two. Water spots have no chance and you save a lot of work and trouble. The glass surfaces of the shower shine and look like freshly cleaned. Squeegees are an indispensable utensil for cleaning showers equipped with glass walls. In a short time the water is removed from the panes and dull areas and water marks are pretended. Hygiene and shine is the result.

Our Hot Pick for the best Squeegee is the OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee, probably one of the best squeegees money can buy.

Durable, flexible blade for fast, streak-free drying
Slim profile and lightweight construction
Suction hook provides easy, convenient storage
Soft, comfortable, non-slip handle

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How Did We Test?

By Ourselves

What Did We Test?

Handling, Versatility, Rubber Blade

Where Did We Test?

Shower, Tiles, Windows

What’s Hot, What’s Not?

Handling ♥♥♥♥♥
Versatility ♥♥♥♥♥
Rubber Blade ♥♥♥♥♥
Price ♥♥♥♥♥

Environmental Compatibility ♥♥

Overall Price Quality Ratio



Our product of choice the OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee is available on amazon

What We Ever Wanted To Know About Squeegees

The Squeegee known to us in the present form comes from the already widely used in the Middle Ages scrapers, which were basically pure pullers and were used, for example, in painting to deduct excess color. The invention of today’s squeegee was possible only with the invention of the rubber and goes hand in hand with the car windshield wipers around 1900. The construction of a modern squeegee is extremely simple, because it consists only of a rubber lip and a handle. However, this structure is to be implemented in different ways. Some models have a wider handle bar that is parallel to the wiper lip. With this type of squeegee especially small surfaces can be cleaned well. In addition, it does not take up much space and can easily be deposited on the shower tray. For larger surfaces, this model is not suitable, because it can not be comfortable enough and lead. It can then cause streaks on the glass.

What Should Be Considered When Using A Squeegee?

Most squeegees are made of plastic, but metal models are also available. Both materials offer advantages and disadvantages. Both, however, have a high cleaning performance. It depends on the requirements and wishes of the user, for which material he ultimately decides.

Plastic squeegees are available in many different colors and shapes. The handles are comfortable in the hand due to their ergonomic shape. The plastic material is extremely light and also suitable for cleaning large areas. Those who do not want to spend a lot of money on a puller will probably buy a plastic model. But it should still be placed on a good workmanship value, because too cheap squeegees usually provide no particularly good cleaning performance and a rubber blade of inferior quality.

A squeegee is not only suitable for cleaning the shower cubicle. You can also use it to clean glazed balconies, car windows, mirrors and other glazed surfaces. The pullers can also be useful when cleaning windows. However, the run-down water must be collected here with a cloth. For larger windows and floors squeegees are not really suitable. Here, special devices should be used for these applications.

What Makes A Squeegee A Good Squeegee?

An exquisite Choice Of Material, a Good Blade Performance, Great Versatility and an Ergonomic Shape And Handle!