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Which cleaning agents is hot and which is not?

Professionals say that already four cleaning products can be enough to clean the whole household. Let’s take this idea and take a look what cleaning agents are needed to meet a high standard of cleanliness at home? Ordinary detergents are sufficient, say experts:

All Purpose Cleaner – ideal for removing dirt and bacteria from the surfaces and floors
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Dish Soap – especially in the kitchen a dish soap agent is an all-purpose weapon. It can leave streaks, but it cleans most of the dirt on most surfaces, and some even wash their hands during kitchen work
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Vinegar / Distilled Vinegar and Citric Acid – ideal for bathrooms and bathroom fixtures, as they neutralize odors and also reliably to remove urinary stones
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Scouring Cream and Scouring Powder are ideal for encrusted, stubborn dirt, such as those found in the kitchen
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Methylated Spirit –  one of the best cleaning agents for organic soiling. This means on the one hand lime, but above all mold. The unpleasant fungal spores get you the best and most reliable with 1:10 diluted with water methylated spirits away. Is also perfect for cleaning windows.
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Which cleaning agents are used for what?

Which cleaning agents do you need for which room, which surfaces, floor coverings, furniture or fittings? A very versatile question around cleaning, for which there is no single answer. But there is a fairly unanimous opinion as to the usefulness of a special, concentrated cleaning agent for every single cleaning spot in the house. This goes in the direction of ‘less is more’, and thus raises the question ‘What cleaning products do you need?’ among other things also with the counter question ‘Which cleaning agents don’t you need?’. There are many answers to both questions.

Which cleaning agents do you need – special cleaner?

Let’s take a look at the special cleaners. You will certainly find a lot of agents during your purchases. But are they really needed? Do you have to use your own cleaning agent for every sink, every type of laminate and all fittings? The industry would like to make us believe that we really need just that. But which cleaning products do you really need for complete cleanliness in the household? It is certain, that it is not necessary to equip yourself with so many special cleaners until the utility room bursts at the seams. Pros say a handful of cleansers are enough to get everything in the house clean, and you do not necessarily need specialized niche cleaners. Even relatively simple home remedies may be enough, as you will see.

Which cleaning products do you really need?

It is therefore relatively manageable, which cleaning agents you need to get the house clean and pure. Important in these cleaning agents are the surfactants, it is not about clinical purity, to germ-free, as many manufacturers of cleaning agents propagate. Important is cleanliness, of sterility is even rather discouraged.

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Why not germ-free?

We want to eradicate bacteria, not live in a clinically clean room that makes our children susceptible to allergies. That happens, if we want to raise the little ones constantly in germ-free environment. Apart from the fact that we would never be able to clean anyway so germ-free, as promised by the cleaning agent manufacturers, because we live continuously between germs. They are all around us, we carry them around ourselves (especially in the oral cavity!). For example, medicine laboratories are germ-free. But they are certainly not cleaned with cleaning products that you can buy here in the supermarket. Sterility is therefore an illusion.

But what cleaning agents do you need to keep some bacteria under control? Because that’s the point! Germs surround us every day but we should be careful that they do not multiply too much and can not settle anywhere and for too long.

Tips to prevent bacteria

Such as around the trash bin, the toilet or at the stove. Which cleaning agents do you need for these actions? You can stick to our list above, you do not need additional germ killers, they are superfluous, believe us. In addition to cleaning, you can also avoid further action by bacteria. Which cleaning agents do you need for this? You don’t need any, because this is about additional behaviors that help, but not completely prevent, the development and spread of bacteria in the home. So you should wash at least once a week at the hottest cycle your dish towels, renew your rags regularly, since here again and again bacterial stocks can set and also sponges should be renewed accordingly. The best way to throw away leftovers immediately is to remove the garbage regularly, especially if it is warm outside. In addition, make sure to keep the air humidity low in the kitchen and in the damp rooms, e. g. in the bathroom – in order to prevent the formation of mold. Ideal is a humidity of 40 – 60%.

Home remedy – household cleaner

Which cleaning agents do you need to be able to produce all cleaning agents in principle, of course, and at home? Take the household ingredients that we have already mentioned, such as baking soda, linseed oil, shampoo or orange peel, but also rely on this strong team: vinegar and citric acid, as well as curd soap. With this ingredients you mix almost everything you need to clean up by yourself. You save money on the “miracle cure” and produce much less harmful waste.

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Cleaning agents you definitely don’t need

This has now been a whole series of tips for certain cleaning products, which you can use for house cleaning and in special rooms, or for special surfaces and objects. But which cleaning agents is not needed? We still owe this information to you, and even if corresponding superfluous cleaners exclude themselves from the previous list of useful cleaning agents, we would be happy to tell you again which cleaners you can do without:

special stainless steel cleaner
glass cleaner
stove top / ceran stove cleaner
oven cleaner
tiles cleaner
BBQ cleaner
expensive bathroom cleaners
strong aggressive chlorine based cleaners
environmentally incompatible chemistry clubs

These cleaning agents are not only superfluous, but many of them also have certain undesirable side effects. Some irritate the skin on the hands, develop toxic fumes when used or can increase the risk of allergies in children! In addition, most of these aggressive cleaners are highly damaging to the environment and can not even be disposed of normally. Do you want to clean with special waste? Better think twice, if the normal cleaning supplies inventory is not better for you.

Which cleaning agents is best for glass surfaces and mirrors?

You can also discover lime stains on glass surfaces or in the bathroom mirror. Common to both surfaces, however, is that no separate cleaning agent is needed to reliably achieve the desired degree of purity. For glass surfaces and mirrors you do not need any extra glass cleaner. But which cleaning agents do you need for glass? It is a simple combination of a bucket of water, a splash of dishwashing liquid and a little bit of methylated spirit, which gives you excellent results on all glass surfaces, both outside and inside windows, as well as cabinets or mirrors. Incidentally, the right cloth for this is the microfiber cloth, with windows it is the chamois leather.

Which cleaning agents is best used for tiles?

In the damp rooms, of course, every now and then the tiles have to be cleaned. Which cleaning agents do you need for tiles? Well, actually tiles are pretty easy to get clean, their surface – glazed ceramic – is quite easy to wipe, only in the joints dirt can sometimes settle down, if you do not wipe it for too long. It is therefore about the time factor, but of course also the selection of the right cleaning agent for tiles. Which cleaning agents do you need for tiles? Again, the answer is multi-faceted and ranges from an industrial cleaning agent to a simple budget remedy like grandma did it before, vinegar cleaner. It is ideal to clean the bathroom. It is aggressive enough to remove the usual dirt and scale everywhere. The same applies to citric acid or agents based on this bath cleaner.

From the field of budget funds – especially in the bathroom, we also recommend baking soda for tile joints, linseed oil or shampoo for the gloss of tile surfaces or orange peel against limescale.

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Which cleaning agents do you need for wood?

First of all, it is important to distinguish what type of wood it is, a wooden floor or wood furniture. The latter are to be cleaned by hand and not necessarily with the same cleaning agent as the wooden floor. Which cleaning agents do you need for wooden furniture? Again, the handle lures to the special agent, there are so many great furniture cleaners and polishes in the supermarket to buy. But everything is not necessary. To clean the wooden furniture, you can use neutral soap. Rub with little water and a soft sponge. Then rub off and rub the wood dry. Then, depending on the type of wood, a suitable polish follows to close the wood pores.

Which cleaning agents do you need for wooden floors?

When wiping wooden floors, we can hardly tell you anything new. If you were thinking of special laminate or parquet cleaners, may we also change your mind here? Because even here, the common all-purpose or universal cleaner is best to get away normal dirt. If you want to add or vary something, we have a few cheap, simple household appliances for cleaning wooden floors ready. You can also take vegetable oil or vinegar for the wooden floor, especially for dark wood, black tea is good. So, if you ask yourself, “What kind of cleaning materials do you need for wooden floors?” remember our rule of thumb: The natural surface of wooden floors also makes it natural to clean naturally

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Which cleaning agents are needed for carpets?

The carpet cleaning is quite a bit complicated and sometimes not possible without expert help. But that does not mean you can only get the impurities in the carpet with the chemical club. Which cleaning agents do you need for carpet cleaning? Carpet cleaning professionals rely on a very simple solution of water and carpet soap. Above all, this must reach the middle and lower layers of the carpet where the vacuum cleaner can not get to. Because here sit the deep dirt, which attract bacteria in the long term and can ruin the carpet. If you have a fixed carpet, you need a decent brush, plenty of foam and a good ventilation. But it is better with a carpet cleaning machine, which you can also borrow. Or you hire a cleaning company. Loose carpets can be brought there for cleaning directly.

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Which cleaning products do you need for sofas?

The sofa or any other upholstery is bothered again and again with dirt of all kinds from everyday life, or darkened. Leftovers or even more worse, drinks, shoes on the sofa, or dirt from animals are just some of the examples. Which cleaning agents do you need for the sofa? Of course, it depends on the fabric, because suede, for example, is much more sensitive than smooth leather or a sturdy textile cover. And even if there seem to be limitless possibilities here, our opinion here remains the same: Special cleaners, stain removers and other magic means are actually superfluous. What works in the carpet can also help the sofa, but in some cases you have to ask a specialist for cleaning the sofa.