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Ever tried a professional cleaning services?

Cleanadviser will advise you what to consider


How to Find Trustworthy House Cleaning Services?

As nice as it is to be in possession of his own home, so annoying appears the associated work. We are talking about the daily or weekly cleaning of the rooms. In order to avoid having to lend a hand, many resort to the convenient option of hiring a house cleaning service company. Help with house cleaning is not a luxury anymore and there are plenty of choices, from hiring an individual to hiring a cleaning company.

One of the best ways to find a trustworthy cleaning service is through the referrals of friends, family or neighbors. Another way is online, e. g. amazon house cleaning – check the reviews to find the best house cleaning service company in your area.

Typical Services Done by a House Cleaning Service Company

Cabinet and appliance exteriors wiped
Countertops wiped
Bathroom vanity, tub, and toilet cleaned
Sinks and faucets cleaned
Shower door wiped
Trash bin emptied
Light fixtures and lampshades wiped
Cobwebs removed
Carpets and rugs vacuumed
Blinds dusted
Floors swept and mopped

Typical Services Not Done by a House Cleaning Service Company

Cabinet and appliance interiors
Inside display cases
Inside fireplaces or chimneys
Dish- Laundry Washing
Windows cleaned
Picking up or removing clutter
Repairs and lawn works

Other Types of House Cleaning

Deep Cleaning Service – whether you intend to begin regular house cleaning service or just need a one-time clean, this is the one you need.
Move-in and move-out cleaning – some companies offer special move-in, move-out cleaning.

Before Hiring House Cleaning Services

The first decision is to be made between hiring an individual or a company. Hiring individuals can be more customized to your needs and might be less expensive but if, for whatever reason, nobody is showing up, you’re on your own.
On the other hand, hiring a professional cleaning company can be more expensive, but has other advantages. Cleaning services work with their own professional cleaning equipment, offer flexible scheduling and keep willing a back-up team in case somebody has to be covered who did not show up.

Tip: Even if it is possible today to book online conveniently and cheaply, before hiring check any cleaners in person and find out how they set their rates. Try to be home for the initial (deep) cleaning visit and check the first cleaning job to provide feedback for future cleanings.

Checklist House Cleaning Service Company

When you hire an independent cleaner, you act as their employer; therefore it might be a better decision to hire a professional house cleaning service company, whereby the following aspects have to be considered:

– Rates / Worker’s Compensation
Cleaning services usually charge an hourly rate, but can also charge the square foot. It is best, after the workload has been defined, to agree on a lump-sum payment to cover any costs which may occur

– Insurance
Professional house cleaning services have liability insurance in case something breaks, gets damaged or gets lost. This gives security but you should inform the cleaning service if you have items that require special care

– Equipment / Cleaning Supplies
If you have specific preferences you can request that your cleaning supplies are going to be used instead of the cleaning service company’s ones

– Service Included
Ask what cleaning services are included and what is to supposed to have an extra charge (e. g. lawn works in spring or autumn)

– Home Access
Key under the mat, access via keypad or being at home during cleaning – make sure the option you are going to select is workable for both of you. A house cleaning company should have also performed background checks on all employees to  ensure the safety of you and your home by allowing you to know who is entering your home

– Satisfaction Guarantee
Hose cleaning service companies should be able to give you a satisfaction guarantee if you are not satisfied with a particular service

– Contract
Strangers is entering your home – getting as many of the details fixed as a written contract can help to avoid any disagreements

Tip: Find out how long the company has been doing business already  – a brand-new company with all new employees may not be the best choice

Performance of House Cleaning Services Companies

The result can be seen in the end with most professional cleaning service companies. Every corner shines with cleanliness. The floors are vacuumed and wiped. In addition, the blinds are dusted, trash cans are emptied and both bathroom, and kitchen shine like new.


A professional house cleaning company is able to guarantee perfect cleanliness without having to be at home. So one can concentrate on the really important things … and leave the cleaning work to someone else!