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Casabella Storage Caddy, Graphite, 4 gallons (Image credit: Amazon)


What should be stored in a cleaning caddy…

what not?


Why a cleaning caddy?

Cleaning takes a lot of energy to get done and nobody wants to work longer than he has to. So let’s keep unnecessary expenditures as low as possible and use a cleaning caddy.

There are a lot of tasks to do when cleaning, without moving time from room to room, carrying what to carry and then undoubtedly forgetting something and making more movements than necessary. Always having the cleaning products which are going to be used nearby is something you won’t miss anymore once there is a cleaning caddy in use.


What is the most important to be stored in a cleaning caddy?

The answer is simple. Any cleaning tools and cleaning agents that will be needed in most of the rooms and for the most purposes. Basically anything that will be needed most of the time for cleaning, such as:

Rubber gloves
All Purpose Cleanser
Glass Cleaner
All Purpose Brush
Antibacterial Wipes
Cleaning Cloths
Bin Bags

This set up works in most of the rooms and also for the kitchen and bathroom, where there are cupboards with specific items stored for each purpose. A well organized cleaning caddy will help you to be more efficient and will save you a lot of time. It is an easy to handle carrier for the cleaning products that you need for most rooms in the house. You can simply carry it around with one hand and know that you have everything you need there when you want it. And once you have your cleaning caddy in place, it is not so much work anymore to get the vacuum cleaner or a mop, so it becomes much more easier to get around the house quickly.


30% Timesaving

Get yourself well prepared with a cleaning caddy for your next cleaning tasks and safe around 30% of your time by using a cleaning caddy, which is best set up accordingly to your needs. In addition to a cleaning caddy, it can also make sense to set up fixed cleaning plans for the week, the month and the year. An example of such a plan can be found here.

Being organized makes life that much easier!


Do you already use a cleaning caddy? We’d love to know what you put in yours, so please submit a post or leave us a comment.

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(Image credits: Amazon)