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10 Mind-Blowing House Cleaning Tips

That You Definitely
Need to Know


Are you looking for tips & tricks
to spend less time cleaning?

Check out which home remedies and hacks for kitchen, bath & Co. is best and really working. The tiresome cleaning is, but it has to be done. Because the longer the chaos rages at home, the longer we need in the end to get rid of it. Therefore, probably the most important cleaning tip is not wait too long! Anyone who regularly uses the vacuum cleaner and cloths has less stress in the end.

Use a lint roller for cleaning screen doors

Using a lint roller for removing debris such as pet hair and cobwebs from your screen doors is the easiest way to clean it. Try to attach the lint roller to a pole if the screen door is tall or hard to reach.

Use an electric toothbrush to clean the joints in the shower

This cleaning tip will change your live! Okay, maybe not the complete life, but at least it will reduce stress and time when cleaning the bathroom. And the ingenious trick is to treat the joints in the bathroom with the electric toothbrush! Sounds absurd, but works great. Simply use a disused toothbrush head and apply some scouring cream. Then switch on and drive along the joints. Already they radiate again – and without any scrubbing!

Use a habit to clean the sink

Make it your habit to wipe your sink and faucet with a rag every time you wash your hands. It only takes a few seconds, but keeps your sink permanently clean. That’s it with water stains and toothpaste residues.

Use time to clean the toilet

Pour toilet cleaner either at bedtime or before you leave the house in the toilet. So your toilet will be clean while you can devote yourself to other things. If you have to go back to the bathroom then just brush and rinse once.

Use a glass cleaner with lotus effect to clean the shower cabinet

Read the application instructions on the back of the bathroom cleaner at the drugstore. A glass cleaner with lotus effect is used best, one which you only have to rinse off after spraying – without wiping. The next time you shower, you spray it and while you calmly wash the shampoo out of your hair, your shower will be cleaned from the same water.

Use vinegar to clean the microwave

You can use a vinegar / water solution in a microwave safe bowl to steam clean your microwave. Also purchasing an Angry Mama microwave oven steam cleaner, which easily cleans the crud in minutes will help to get your microwave done in seconds.

Use a lemon to clean the faucets

Your faucets are dull from the lime and have ugly water spots? Instead of aggressive cleaners, from today you should only resort to lemon. Heard right! Just halve a lemon and rub the fittings with it. The citric acid removes limescale and water spots super effectively and leaves a fresh scent in the whole bath. Incidentally, this also works with the milky sliding doors in the shower or the kitchen fittings.

Use foil to clean the fridge

Put plastic foil on all levels of your fridge. If something goes wrong or is leaking, you just pull off the foil and put out a new one. No more need to wipe, clean, wipe, clean …

Use shoe polish or baking soda to get stains out of the sofa

Your leather sofa doesn’t look fancy anymore, but you do not want to buy extra sofa cleaner? Then get your shoe polish out – it will make your sofa shine in new splendor.
For a fabric sofa you do not need to buy an expensive cleaner – the magic weapon called baking soda works just as well! Sprinkle, rub, vacuum!

Use a dirt eraser for removing nail polish welts

On the doors, on the desk, in the bathroom or on the wallpaper – who likes to paint his nails, knows  Nasty nail polish welts are inevitable..They are particularly difficult to remove from rough surfaces. The rescue is a dirt eraser! This cleaning aid made of fine foam simply wears off the nail polish streaks. To do this, dip the eraser with a corner in a little water, squeeze well and then carefully “erase” over the stain. And gone! By the way the dirt eraser is also a weapon for dark welts on white furniture.

Use these tips to clean up your life

Better late than never!