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Our Top Rated Heavy Duty Floor Squeegee

When Choosing The Best Floor Squeegee

The removal of water on wet surfaces is especially important where there may be a risk of slipping due to residual moisture after wiping or rainwater on stairs. With a squeegee, also referred to as a puller, water can be quickly and efficiently conveyed from smooth surfaces into the drain. With a squeegee even wet debris can be swept together. Bur material and size of the squeegee decide on speed and thoroughness.

That’s why we have chosen FlexSweep Commercial 24″ Heavy Duty Floor Squeegee as our Hot Pick for the most versatile and best heavy duty floor squeegee which takes your cleaning to the next level.

…24″ heavy duty curved floor squeegee. One handle for life – replace only the squeegee blades when worn. Advanced elastomer handle connector never breaks. All-weather sleeve protects your hands. Flip it over and use non-abrasive scraper. Double neoprene blades for excellent wiping and even when working on rough surfaces…

Blades LAST TWICE AS LONG with Easy-Flip TM (Patent Pending)
Power-Push TM Curved Floor Squeegee with Scraper
All-Weather Sleeve Protects Your Hands
Guaranteed Unbreakable Handle – One Handle For Life
MADE IN USA (With USA & Global Components) Because We Live Here!


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How Did We Test?

By Ourselves

What Did We Test?

Handling, Cleaning Performance, Abrasion, Break Resistance

Where Did We Test?

Tiles, Laminated Floor

What’s Hot, What’s Not?

Handling ♥♥♥♥♥
Performance ♥♥♥♥♥
Abrasion ♥♥♥♥♥
Break Resistance ♥♥♥♥♥
Price ♥♥♥

Environmental Compatibility ♥♥

Overall Price Quality Ratio



Our product of choice the FlexSweep Commercial 24″ Heavy Duty Floor Squeegee is available on amazon

What We Ever Wanted To Know About Floor Squeegees

The floor squeegees differ in width, the material of the body, the blade and the length and material of the handle. Comfortable is a long or extendable telescopic handle, which allows a comfortable upright working. The handle is usually made of plastic. But it can also be made of wood or metal, which provides better break resistance. An extremely stable handle is recommended for outdoor work, as it is often cleaned with large amounts of water. The wider the blade of the squeegee, the more water can be drawn in fewer steps. For wide blades but also an increased effort is required. The type of squeegee should always be adjusted to the actual circumstances as e. g. squeegees with a small blade are better to use in winding rooms. Most of the blades from any squeegee are made either from sponge rubber, cellular rubber, food grade rubber, hard rubber or polyethylene but an all terrain rubber mix is the material of choice with the widest range of applications.

The Right Floor Squeegee For Every Need

Squeegees are used in various areas. In private households, they are used for cleaning tiles, laminate or parquet. Also in many clinical areas, such as medical practices or hospitals, floor squeegees are prescribed, which are provided with a special hygienic rubber. Furthermore, there are squeegees in restaurants, car parks and public sanitary facilities. Even outdoor facilities are processed in spring, summer and autumn with a floor squeegee.

What Makes A Floor Squeegee A Good Floor Squeegee?

Exquisite choice of material: a heavy duty material that can withstand at all loads and which provides ultimate cleaning results

Precision manufacturing: all parts must be perfectly connected and have to perform as one unit

Ergonomic shape and handle: a handle which won’t break and which provides convenience work