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A House Cleaning Schedule

From Professionals

That Works


No one likes to clean! And there are many things in the household that are pushed forward for as long as possible. The curtain washing about. Or the descaling of the fittings. How about a thoughtful annual cleaning plan?


To wipe the floors, clean the toilet, scrub the tub – what belongs to the weekly house cleaning is clear to most. But how many times a year cleaning professionals actually wash curtains?
And how often do they wipe the skirting boards, radiators and bookshelves in the living room? Some professional associations give hints for an annual cleaning schedule:


For these regular tasks you can plan some time once a month. Or you can do one of the four tasks every week as part of the usual weekly cleaning plan.
Clean the radiator, especially during the heating season.
At least once a month, wipe the inside of the refrigerator with all-purpose cleaner, vinegar solution or kitchen cleaner to avoid spreading too many micro-organisms. Clean sealing gaskets regularly.
Run the dishwasher once a month at the hottest cycle to remove odors and debris in the interior. Check screens, spray arms and nozzles in the interior. If they are clogged, rinsing takes longer and the electricity costs increase. Also clean the flushing chamber monthly.
Run the washing machine at the hottest cycle with heavy-duty detergent powder to wash away germs and bacteria. Otherwise, dirt can also be removed well at lower temperatures – which saves money.


How about getting half the list done in January, March, May, June, September and November? The second half is always in February, April, June, August, October and December off.
Wipe all picture frames and decorations.
Clean all lamps and lampshades.
Wipe off the bed frame and box.
Every few weeks, clean the door leaf and frame with a soft cloth or furniture attachment of the vacuum cleaner, lukewarm water removes fingerprints well.
Clean the windows and their frames. So that the gaskets do not become brittle and brittle, then rub them with skin care cream. Clean the drainage holes at the bottom of the window frame with a screwdriver for watchmakers.
Tile in kitchen, bathroom, hall and other rooms clean.
Wipe down baseboards.


For example, this work can be planned well in March, June, September and December:
Wipe cupboards up.
Clean the oven. Regularly clean the rubber seals of the door of the oven with warm water and neutral soap, so that the door closes properly.


Here is a reminder of these tasks in the calendar in about January and June.
Wash curtains and dust blinds.
Maintain furniture with polishes.
Clean storage cabinets inside and check shelf life of food supplies.
Dust books.
Free the ventilation grids of refrigerators and freezers from dust so that the air can circulate properly again. Otherwise that will drive up electricity costs.
Clean the sieve of the washing machine to avoid clogging. For the dryer you should clean the lint filter after every pass.
Defrost the refrigerator, in winter store food at temperatures below zero on a balcony or terrace. Defrosting saves money, because an ice layer of one centimeter doubles the power consumption of the device.


For these extra tasks, for example, is a spring cleaning day.
Wipe cabinets outside and inside.
Descale fittings.
At least once a year, when cleaning windows, also remove dust and dirt from fittings, and care for all moving parts with a little oil.


Do you already use a cleaning schedule? We’d love to know what you put in yours, so please submit a post or leave us a comment.

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