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Cleaning with All Purpose Cleaner

The name of the product already indicates – all-purpose cleaner! But can you really use it to clean for all purposes or are you going to need other cleaning agents as well? After all, there is now a huge selection of cleaning products and a special cleaner for almost every material and every purpose. Therefore, in many households, the cleaning cabinet is literally overcrowded. However, household experts and consumer advocates consider special cleaners to be unnecessary and believe that just a few cleaners in the household are perfectly adequate, which may be a bit tight.

Can you really clean everything with a good all-purpose cleaner?

All-purpose cleaners are detergents that can be used properly and dosed in the home almost everywhere for cleaning and care. They are suitable for cleaning the living room, kitchen, bathroom and toilet as well as for windows, tiles and other floors such as vinyl or laminate. This already covers some areas. These universal cleaners remove heavy dirt while being well-tolerated on most common surfaces. Mostly, the all-purpose cleaner has a very high fat dissolving power. However, it only partially helps against extreme and stubborn dirt such as limescale or rust, so you should then resort to a special cleaner.

When cleaning the bathroom or the toilet, in addition to the all-purpose cleaner, you should also use a special toilet cleaner to remove urine stones and any other dirt or deposits in the toilet bowl.

Be careful with unsealed wooden floorboards and a high-quality real wood parquet. Since these soils need a very special care, they must not be cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner, but should be cleaned with a special cleaner or according to the manufacturer’s instructions and e. g. be incorporated with a special parquet oil.

All purpose cleaner ingredients

The fact that all-purpose cleaners have such a good effect and ensure pleasant freshness and cleanliness is due to the so-called surfactants (washing-active substances), which are contained in every cleaner. In addition, universal household cleaners contain different fragrances, these provide depending on the aroma for the special fragrance, e. g. lemon fragrance, sea breeze, mountain spring, etc. The respective products are sometimes added for preservation or coloring preservatives and dyes.
Apart from a good all-purpose cleaner, the following cleaning agents are needed in the household, so that you can clean everything perfectly:

Dishwashing liquid to remove greasy soiling
Scouring powder or scouring cream for heavier soiling
Acid cleaner, e. g. vinegar or cleaner with citric acid, for toilet and removing lime deposits
Methylated spirit for cleaning windows and mirrors

Always keep dosage as low as possible!

Whether general-purpose cleaner, acid cleanser, scourer or any other cleaner, you should follow the instructions on the bottle and handle it consciously with each use of detergent, so do not use too much detergent. Often only a few splashes in the cleaning water are enough! Anyone who takes more than necessary, so rather for cleaning strips and also harms the environment and the wallet.

Expensive cleaners do not clean expensive well

As a test showed, more expensive all-purpose cleaners are not necessarily better, because even some cheap products have done quite well. According to the test results, however, all cleaners are perfectly adequate for normal household soiling. However, stubborn dirt must be removed with a special cleaner, because an all-purpose cleaner can not meet the requirements of a special agent due to its broad spectrum, so the finding. Therefore, everyone has to find out for themselves, which all-purpose cleaner meets his needs!

General application of an all purpose cleaner

You can apply the agent pure on surfaces to be cleaned and if necessary wipe with clear water so that it does not stick. Or you give a few splashes in the cleaning water. The cleaner is really universally applicable and fulfills among other things these tasks:

Grease remover (greasy pots, dishes, hood, stove, etc. spray and leave a little bit)

As a detergent booster, add a few drops to the rinse water. For heavy soiling, spray a few drops into the dishwasher

Upholstery cleaner / Wood cleaner, e. g. for cleaning and simultaneous everyday care of the dining table

Please note: Limestone (e. g. marble) should not use citric acid based cleaners as citric acid will attack the lime and make the surface porous. For pots the degreasing effect is ideal, but not for sensitive skin. That’s why you should wear gloves if necessary. As with all cleaning products: You should first try on an inconspicuous place, if your area can handle the all purpose cleaner