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More Than 60 Minutes
For Cleaning The Entire House …

There Must
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60 Minutes Lightning House Cleaning –
The Best Tips & Tricks To Get It Done Quickly

What is the fastest way to clean a house?

Beside calling a professional house cleaning service which will take less than one minute, the fastest way to clean your entire house is just to follow some simple rules and you will get it done within 60 minutes.

With this 60-minute lightning speed cleaning guide, some missed cleaning action can be quickly made up for. And with these cleaning tips, we’re always ready to clean a room in just a few minutes!

Cleaning 15 minutes a day according to a given plan is another way to avoid a full day with cleaning tasks. Of course it is a question of personal preference – some prefer to clean casually, others to clean constantly and some prefer a major action from time to time.
The 60-minute lightning cleaning method is another way to keep the mess in check. It is really helpful, because in a reasonable amount of time an “all neat” feeling can be produced. This is done by cleaning all rooms as fast as possible in a race with oneself.

Speed Cleaning – Basics

Of course it makes a difference whether you tackle a 250 m² house or a 50 m² apartment but the goal is to spend maximum 10 minutes per room, for a bathroom it can be 15 minutes. To do that requires a bit of athletic commitment. For a quick cleaning action like this one it is important to have an open field – that means all rooms are easily accessible, without stumbling over playing family members or devoted toddlers. It really goes so high that you get a workout at the same time. The best thing is the whole family out of the house.

First conclusion – Get them out of the house for an open field to fight the battle!


Getting Started

Speed cleaning works best when each room is not in a mess. If only 30% of the floor in each room can be entered then it is best to gather the family the day before to clean up in all the rooms. A “Speed House Cleaning” does not intend to put clean sheets on the bed, to clean the fridge ior to descale teh shower head. It’s about doing basic cleaning in all rooms as fast as possible and to create an all-clean impression.

This includes:
Wiping surfaces & floors
Establishing Order – Putting Objects back in place
Cleaning common objects and surfaces
Collecting and disposing of garbage

The most important cleaning utensils should always be prepared and be ready to fight – ideally so that they can be easily transported from room to room. Since it should be really fast, every unnecessary step to find or retrieve needed cleaning tools or cleaning agents will lengthen the procedure. Best is to work with one handy cleaning caddie where cleaning utensils are organized and nearby.

These important things is needed to fight and to win the battle

Got to:
Cleaning cloths, preferably made of microfiber for easier cleaning and in different colors
Kitchen paper
Cleaning agent in a spray bottle
Abrasive (Natron works great!)
Chamois / window cloth
Garbage bags (preferably really large, so that the garbage can contents of all rooms can be collected in it)
Big plastic tub, a big basket or a big box
Vacuum cleaner

Rubber gloves or disposable gloves
Foor cleaning cloths
Disposable cleaning cloths from the roll
Vinegar and / or citric acid for stubborn cases
laundry bag
MUSIC! (of choice, but not the cuddly one)

Second conclusion – You are not going to win the battle if you are not well organized!


Ready, Steady, Go!

When cleaning vey fast, each room is dedusted at high speed from top to bottom, tidied up and cleaned. At the end, the vac is used is in one pass (or at least per floor), as well as moist floors to be cleaned are all done one after the other in one pass.

The trick is that anything that does not belong in this room, comes in the tub, the laundry in the laundry bag and garbage in the garbage bag. When moving to the next room, things are taken out of the tub that have their place there. This saves a lot of unnecessary back and forth and therefore a lot of time.
When starting with a room, everything is cleared away so quickly – either in its place, in the tub, the garbage bag or the laundry bag. When surfaces and ground are clear, dedusting is done from top to bottom. Surfaces that need to be cleaned wet are sprayed and wiped with a damp cloth. Children’s hands on the window pane are quickly removed with the window cloth.

Third conclusion – it doesn’t work without a tub and big garbage bags


The Focus – Now it gets down to business

t is not the time to sort out a drawer or to find a solution for the earrings! In case of doubt, things without a home are first packed into a transitional quarters and tackled at the next opportunity.
Bathroom and guest toilets undergo the following treatment: First, toilet cleaner is added to the toilet, a tab into the water, toilet brush pure. That’s how it can work while the rest is done. Then everything comes in the tub / laundry / garbage, which is not heard, and the trash can is emptied. Bath mats are directly rolled up and packed into the laundry (since they can be quite heavy, it is better to put them rolled up in the hallway instead of carrying them with the laundry from room to room).
Spray washbasin, shower / bath and WC with cleaning agent and wipe (use a different colored cloth for the toilet or wipe the toilet last and then place the cloth directly in the laundry). Wipe mirrors and windows with the window cloth. Used towels fly in the laundry bag and fresh ones are distributed.

Fourth conclusion – no sweet without sweat


The Final

The kitchen is usually a chapter in itself and so on a fast cleaning action on the things that do not happen every day. These include dusting, wiping cabinet fronts, and take everything away, which does not belong in the kitchen. Cleaning out the dishwasher, wiping the worktop and putting away the dishes happens every day anyway, which is why the kitchen will not be done within this timeframe.

When all rooms (one floor) are done, vacuum cleaners and mops or wipers are used. Finally, the garbage bag in the bin, the laundry bag to the washing machine.

Fifth conclusion – There is nothing better than a “House Speed Cleaning”


For winning the speed cleaning battle …
cleanadviser suggests the following remedies:

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Speed cleaning tips & tricks

Comfortable clothes and a water bottle within easy reach are a must. Most garbage is usually household waste. If there is a lot of paper and plastic waste, more garbage bags will be needed.
If the “House Speed Cleaning” is going to happen regularly, then sometimes things that are not cleaned so often – light switches, doorknobs, doors, lamps, … can be integrated. If the home has not seen a cleaning action for some time, then spreading the speed cleaning up to two days and taking only half of the rooms in attack is recommended. Getting up to speed and being really fast can be helpful if setting up a timer. After cleaning, it can be helpful to make a note of what has to be done in the near future – for example, getting something for the earrings, sorting out a drawer or getting the beds fresh. Really cool is a vacuum cleaner robot, because using the vac will be almost obsolete.

If you feel like trying it out, but do not have time or rest for the whole program, try a room and ten minutes! In any case, we are convinced that these tips and tricks around quick and speed cleaning help to simplify everyday life and make it more enjoyable.