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Our Top Rated Rough Surface Push Broom

When Choosing The Best Push Broom

There are many objects in everyday life today that are simply part of it and are taken for granted. However, these are actually anything but self-evident and would be missing very quickly if not longer available. A very good example of such an item is a push broom for rough surfaces.

A good quality rough surface broom is an essential cleaning tool and that’s why we have chosen the O-Cedar Professional 18″ Rough-Surface Push Broom as our Hot Pick for the best push broom.

Stiff bristles make this push broom perfect for sweeping rough surfaces
Features Maxi-Lok® technology and anti-rotation socket so broom head never comes loose
Eco-friendly with broom block and bristles made of 80% recycled material
Works great for garages, sidewalks, decks and other outdoor surfaces
Use & Care Instructions: Shake or rinse broom after each use to remove excess debris. For best results, hang to store. Keep broom fiber away from wall and off the floor.

… ultimate in outdoor push brooms, this rough-surface broom features patented Maxi-Lok technology that keeps the broom head secure even during rough use. Its heavy-duty plastic block won’t crack, warp or mildew, while the Memory Bristles retain their shape for long-lasting sweeping performance …


(Image credit: Amazon)


How Did We Test?

By Ourselves

What Did We Test?

Handling, Usability, Abrasion

Where Did We Test?

Sidewalk, Driveway, Garden Path

What’s Hot, What’s Not?

Handling ♥♥♥♥♥
Usability ♥♥♥♥♥
Abrasion ♥♥♥♥♥
Break Resistance ♥♥♥♥♥

Price ♥♥♥
Environmental Compatibility ♥♥

Overall Price Quality Ratio



Our product of choice the O-Cedar Professional 18″ Rough-Surface Push Broom is available on amazon

What We Ever Wanted To Know About Push Brooms

Everyone knows him, the broom and almost everyone has one in his household, such as sweeping in the rooms, in front of the house or on the street. Depending on the application, the broom looks a bit different. This old sweeper can look back on a long history. Long before the time of synthetic products and artificial fibers, brooms made from wood and natural fiber were used by ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. “In the Middle Ages, the witches swept the broom to the Sabbath.”
Over time, through trade and exploration, these cleaning wonders have become popular throughout Europe and the western world, and then replaced by extremely resistant synthetic products in modern times. To whom exactly the invention of the modern broom is attributed, is not quite clear.