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Our Top Rated PVA Sponge Mop

When Choosing The Best Mop

We already knew that there are many kinds of mop available now. And when choosing the best mop, it is important to find out the type of general specific application.
Modern PVA mops will offer the widest range amount of usage. It can be use to clean both wet and dry, wood and laminated floors as well as vinyl, tile, natural stone and even carpeted floors. The one, of the latest innovation and very excellent mop. Unbeatable in terms of usage and with a complete range of different options. There is no other mop that can provide the same result as clean as what you expected. If you want to be able to fully submerge the mop, you’ll probably be looking for a more power mop, “Wringer PVA Mop” is the best option. Working with this device is a lot of fun. The wringing function protects against the water to avoid wet hands and the area performance is second to none.

MR. SIGA PVA Sponge Mop with its “pull and lift” Wringer Lever system is easy to wring and very comfortable to handle. It comes with a super absorbent PVA sponge, that can absorb any liquids and keep your floors dry and clean. The durable PVA material cleans up dirt, dust and grease within seconds, even stubborn dirt isn’t any problem. To protect the sponge and to keep in a good condition you can use it as wet as well.


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How Did We Test?

By Ourselves

What Did We Test?

Handling, Durability, Water Absorbency, Abrasion

Where Did We Test?

Tiles, Wooden Floor, Laminate Flooring

What’s Hot, What’s Not?

The Easy Pull and Lift Wringer Lever system ♥♥♥♥♥
The Sponge Absorbency Capacity ♥♥♥♥♥
The Flexible Usability ♥♥♥♥♥
Price Refill ♥♥♥♥♥

Sponge Abrasion ♥♥♥
Break Resistance ♥♥


Overall Price Quality Ratio



Mr. Siga Sponge Mop is available on amazon as well as
Mr. Siga Super Absorbent PVA Sponge Mop Head Refills


What We Ever Wanted To Know About Mops

The important to manage the mop is the head of the mop and or the sponge. But it depends the type of the material, different amounts of liquids will absorbed and the flexibility will enable to released again. Soft materials that made of microfibre are commonly used in parquet and wooden floors, because of the cotton content will increase the capacity of absorbing the water. Cotton or the extremely absorbent sponge such as PVA Sponge Mops is perfect for cleaning tiles. For occasional use and smaller areas, a mop with disposable wipes is quite convenient, but unprofitable and costly for largest areas. The different of a washable cover or mop head can be easily cleaned at 60 degrees or, in some cases, even at 95 degrees in the washing machine. If the PVA sponge is used, then you don’t need to wash, but we matter also the cleanliness of the mop. So, for hygienic reasons the PVA sponge of the mop must change at least every six months, even if the sponge has hardly use and any signs of tear. Whatever the type, model and the brand of mop, the covering, sponge or wiper head, no matter velcro, clamp or snaps should be quick and easy to disassemble and washed regularly and renewed occasionally.
The very cheap mops usually have a plastic pole handle that can be put together. Although this is very practical and for space-saving storage. This can bend very quickly at work and even break if something is exerted too much force. It is better to have a quality mop that equipped with a stainless steel or aluminum telescopic pole handle, which can be adjusted to your desired length, so that no feeling of tiredness during cleaning season. Stainless steel and aluminum are much more robust and resistant than plastic, but here too there are great differences in quality in terms of wall thickness and lockability. Some mops model, the handle is too stiff and can be adjust or put together with the help of tools, while in other models the setting is too lightweight and the handle often “approves” and shortens itself when working. The advantages of Plug-in systems have easier lockability, but not individually adjustable in length and therefore it’s not exactly adaptable to an individual. For optimal ergonomic working, the pole handle should either lock well or be individually adjustable in length and the total length should not be less than 48 inches.
The ergonomics of the mop will also play a major decision of when to buy. But this product will result no aching pain in our body. Because it’s more easy to use and more fun to use. A well-known and lockable telescopic stick with a length of up to 55 inches, will guarantee you to have a comfortable working ergonomics. Excellent ergonomics are also offered by Wringer Lever System Mops, since the wringer is already integrated in the mop.