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Watch Out!

Avoid These Mistakes While Doing Cleaning


Cleaning Mistake No 1 – Don’t overestimate your own abilities

Most accidents happen at home and one of the worst is to fall off the ladder !!!!!

Cleaning Mistake No 2 – Spray cleaning spray on surface

If you use this method, you will certainly never spray the right amount. Therefore the cleaning spray should be applied to a cleaning cloth. This not only saves a lot of detergent, but also time. Because more doesn’t help any more!

Cleaning Mistake No 3 – Vacuum first

First you have to vacuum to get rid of the first dirt? Unfortunately, you only do more work with it. At the latest when the dirt falls off the shelves when dusting, you can grab to the vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning Mistake No 4 – Wipe from left to right

When things have to go fast, we like to wipe from left to right and back again. But this way we distribute the dirt particles rather than wiping them up. Better: A curved ‘S’- or ‘Z’-shape.

Cleaning Mistake No 5 – Throw dirty laundry together

A laundry basket for the whole family? If you like sorting out socks – go ahead. But here you could save a lot more time if everyone got their own laundry basket.

Cleaning Mistake No 6 – Clean windows in good weather

Nice weather is bad weather for cleaning windows. If the sun shines on the panes, the water evaporates faster with the cleaning agent and unattractive streaks show up. So if you clean on a hot day, you can start again right away, before even finished.

Cleaning Mistake No 7 – Put dishes directly in the dishwasher

Of course we don’t have to wash the dishes by hand before they get into the dishwasher, but at least if the remains are dried on we should consider to apply some water. So we can be sure that the dishes will be really clean.

Cleaning Mistake No 8 – Use cleaning accessories forever

Everything should be sparkling clean? Then keep an eye on the cleaning tools themselves. Just use professional and well organized cleaning equipment and whether mop, broom or rag – every cleaning tool has to be cleaned after each use. Otherwise it will be more dirty next time.

Cleaning Mistake No 9 – Forgotten handles

All surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen are sparkling shiny after cleaning? That’s where joy comes up! But drawer handles, stove knobs and door handles are often forgotten. Most bacteria often hide on them.

Cleaning Mistake No 10 – Immediately reset toilet brush

When cleaning toilets, many use a toilet brush instead of gloves and a sponge. But at the end of the cleaning process, the toilet brush should also be cleaned and dried. This is the only way to avoid unpleasant odors.

Cleaning Mistake No 11 – Don’t Rush

Even it seems to be a heavy and long lasting cleaning task, take it easy. Strength lies in calmness!