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We All Know How Boring And
Time-Consuming Cleaning Can Be

But we have to do it and if we just follow some simple rules on how to clean our home more efficient and faster it shouldn’t be the big task anymore. In any case, before getting started, all distractions have to be cut down, the phone should have a rest in silence and the focus should be on the work. Also should the home maintained daily a bit so that not so much cleaning work at once need to be done.

Here are some tricks of the trade that maids use when cleaning. Check out these eight timesaving cleaning tips from the professionals.

No 1 Time-Saving Cleaning Tip
One by One, Schedule Your Tasks

Better each week just one room thoroughly than two or three rooms sloppy – that saves time when cleaning the entire house (e. g. during spring or autumn time), since the whole year was thoroughly cleaned.

No 2 Time-Saving Cleaning Tip
Clean From Top to Bottom

First, always dust the surfaces (tables, sideboards, window sills) with a damp microfiber cloth. Do not move back and forth, but wipe in one direction, otherwise the dirt will only be distributed.

Then vacuum upholstery and floors. Plug the Vac into the center of the room so you’re not always plugging and unplugging. This way you vacuum without interruption and that saves time too. If your vacuum has a short cord, use an extension cord to achieve the same result.

Then wet floorboards, tiles and other hard floors, then wipe dry. Best suited for this is a mop with PVA sponge or with microfiber cover and 15 to 20 inches wide. Wiping like this: First, move the edges of the room in one direction, then wipe backwards in a figure eight motion. Again, never simply brush back and forth, otherwise you spread the dirt.

No 3 Time-Saving Cleaning Tip
Do Not Save Water

When cleaning in the bathroom do not save with water, so that the germ transport is prevented. Also, the floors should be wiped properly wet, otherwise the dirt settles in the joints (rule of thumb: a match should just be able to swim on the water surface). For surfaces and toilets use different cloths, to distinguish a color system can help. By the way, some pad sponges ruin the fittings because they scratch the surface. Better is a microfiber cloth. The cleaning agent rule is “Less is More”. At the end you only need more water and time for washing. Don’t use aggressive cleaning agents marked with the danger symbol.

No 4 Time-Saving Cleaning Tip
Area Performance

Floor Mops or Wipers with big surfaces are able to clean floors more effectively and provide a good area performance.

No 5 Time-Saving Cleaning Tip
Act Like A Pro

Act like a Pro and just use professional and well organized cleaning equipment instead of scattered used up tools, worn out cloths and expired agents. Avoid Cleaning Mistakes. Always use Microfiber cloths – nothing can compete with microfiber!

No 6 Time-Saving Cleaning Tip
Be Organized

Get yourself a cleaning caddie, which keeps everything together. That will cut down the amount of time you spend on bringing your tools into position.

No 7 Time-Saving Cleaning Tip
Have Fun

“If you are not having fun you are doing something wrong.” ~Groucho Marx.
Even it is cleaning, have fun when doing the job. You will see how quickly the time is flying.

No 8 Time-Saving Cleaning Tip
Bathroom Last

The Bathroom is the biggest task and should be done last. It might spoil the mood if it will be done first!