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Fighting sciarid mosquitoes
Chemistry, bio or home remedies?

Fungus gnats, Mourning gnats
The pest who do not sting

Harmless to humans but annoying because they fly into human face, nose and eyes.

They crawl rapidly around the houseplant, because plants are the source of their foods. Insects are part in the world and we already expect that wherever and anywhere in the world there are larvae of insects especially when we buy the houseplant. These larvae may harm or weakened the plant and young plants. Because Larvae will nibble on the weak roots, but not much on the big plants as they are more robust. If the roots of the plant are eaten, this means: It will be harder to absorb the water and nutrients. Therefore, you should try to get rid of the little pest as soon as possible. The question is how?


Fighting sciarid mosquitoes
Chemistry, bio or home remedies?

1.) Sciarids fight chemistry

*Anyone who tried all kinds of home remedies, but small flies are still there.

*Chemical alternatives is usually most reliable.

*21C Yellow Dual Sticky Fly Traps or BEAPCO Fruit Fly Trap are promising products with a very good price-performance ratio.


Fighting sciarid mosquitoes
Chemistry, bio or home remedies?

2.)Fighting of Mourning bats on an organic basis

*Nematodes, a tiny roundworms will eat the larvae. The most effective even with a strongest infestation. BioLogic Scanmask is a super effective Natural Insect Pest Control product, which kills over 230 different pests. Safe for people, pets, plants and beneficials!.

*Safer Brand 5118 Insect Killing Soap Concentrates is also highly recommended. This remedy acts on the basis of neem tree extracts, from the seeds of the tropical Neem tree.

*Predatory mites, the natural predators of the larvae, are often used to fight in the soil of the plant.


Fighting sciarid mosquitoes
Chemistry, bio or home remedies?

3.) Mourning bats fight home remedies and others

*For low infestation, matches in the ground upside down is effective.

*Place a carnivorous plant next to the infested plants. Can not hurt in general. The vermin remains attached to the sticky leaves and is then fed by the plant

*Yellow board: To attract and stick the flies. However, this cannot help the cause of the problem but an addition of other methods.The panels are recommended.

*Repotting: make sure to remove all the contents inside the pot and clean up with hot water. Wet the root of plants to prolonge the life of plants while still not planted.

*Put quarts sand on the surface,to prevent the animals eggs laying in the ground.

*Tie a nylon stocking around the plants from below so that the soil is protected from the flies and difficult to lay eggs.

*Keep dry because humid surroundings is the perfect ambience for insects.


Fighting sciarid mosquitoes
Chemistry, bio or home remedies?

For environmental friendly. First, you should try to make a home remedies with organic branch.

Funds can help, but not always, especially in heavy infestation.

We are happy to share this article to find you a suitable solution.