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Must Have Cleaning Agents

A Cleanadviser’s List

There is now a special cleaning agent for almost everything. However, most are not recommended because of health and environmental harmful ingredients and can often be replaced by an alternative, gentler remedy.
Cleanadviser shows you which cleaning products you should definitely have at home and which cleaning tools are generally a “Must-Have”.

In addition to many cleaning agents that are definitely not necessary, however, there are some cleaning agents that you should have at home. At least these Basics should be found in every household to ensure a clean and beautiful domestic environment, where you like to live and where you feel home. Stay clean means to stay healthy!

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Baking Soda is definitely a Must for every Home!

… the Holy Grail of them all

Dish Soap cannot be missed in any household

… a Must on every list!

One of the best All Purpose Cleaners

… does shoes, upholstery, furniture, car interiors and more

… for much more purposes than the oven

… definitely a killer agent

Must Have Cleaning Tools

A Cleanadviser’s List

In addition to the above-mentioned cleaning agents, it is at least as important to always have some cleaning utensils in the household  We recommend to stock them and to avoid cross contamination by paying attention to  a strict separation of the cleaning areas!
Change all cloths and sponges regularly or wash them at hot cycle, as many bacteria accumulate in them. Another rule is that you should immediately dispose of used cloths with which you have wiped something you do not want in your mouth.
Some people even wash the dishes with rubber gloves, others only use them to clean the toilet. In any case, having some couples of gloves at home is always good. Furthermore, you should not refrain from using microfiber cloths, as they are not only suitable for dusting, but also for cleaning windows.

At least these basic cleaning tools and cleaning utensils should be available for a convenient and successful cleaning of your home, where you like to live and where you feel home. Stay clean means to stay healthy!

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A versatile sponge mop is a Must!

… of course a Dyson!

A Steam Cleaner should not be missed too

What would you do without a broom dustpan combo?

… for car, lawn and much more opportunities!

Sponges are more often needed than you think

Without cloths cleaning is almost impossible

The wheels make it comfortable

… one of the most important cleaning tools

… comfortable protection with soft cotton lining

A perfect squeegee is a Must …

What would you do without a power scrub brush?

With the agents and tools shown here, pretty much all cleaning tasks can be done around the house and yard. Don’t waste money on something that is not needed.

Stay Clean, Stay Healthy!