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The Most Powerful Shoe Cleaning Tips

Modern streetwear shoes, especially white ones look always great and get never out of style but keeping them clean can be quite challenging.

Cleanadviser will show you some simple and easy ways as cleaning methods.


Washing Machine

No matter leather, rubber or made from mesh, lots of sneakers and shoes can be easily cleaned by putting them into the washing machine on the shortest standard cold water washing cycle. A laundry protection net or cover might be used to avoid any damages or scratches. Just use your regular detergent powder or liquids and your shoes will come out clean and will look totally new.

Caution! Dryer as well as a hot water washing cycle may shrink your shoes and they won’t fit anymore.

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It is important to use a non-gel white toothpaste. Use any old toothbrush for applying and cleaning. Rub the toothpaste all over and especially into any dirty spot of your shoes and let it soak some minutes. Then take a wet towel to wipe the paste off and repeat the whole procedure as often as needed to get your shoes clean and shiny again.


All Purpose Cleaner

Apply your best all purpose cleaner and scrub the dirty areas intensely by using any small brush or toothbrush. Try to keep the brush or toothbrush wet with the cleaner and don‘t stop scrubbing until your shoes is clean again. Get a wettish towel for wiping and finishing.

Also with ox-gail-soap (gall soap) or best quality soft soap a good result might be expected.

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Steam Cleaner

Any good quality steam cleaner with a powerful jet nozzle can be used to clean and to sanitize dirty shoes. If some stains disappear apply a little bit of gall or soft soap, let it soak for some minutes and now get them off with the steam cleaner.

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