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Washing Underwear – This Is How To Do It Right

Compared to the days before, when laundry had to be washed by hand on washing day, laundry washing is relatively easy and convenient thanks to modern washing machines. At that time was cooking linen such. For example, white cotton underclothes, sheets and tea towels are boiled in a wash kettle on the stove to completely rid them of bacteria.
With today’s good and powerful detergents, a washing temperature of 140 °F for underwear washing is usually sufficient. Sometimes, according to the manufacturer, however, only a cold washing cycle is allowed. But how clean is underwear after a cold wash cycle and how to wash underwear properly? Whether briefs, strings, thongs, boxer shorts, ordinary underpants and undershirts or bras in white or in bright colors, that underwear is changed frequently or daily, goes without saying.
Washing clothes, of course, should be done to remove soiling, unpleasant odors and stains from clothing and other textiles. On the other hand, it looks different when you wash your underwear, because this is also about killing bacteria. So what to do to really kill all bacteria?

What to consider when washing underwear

Since underwear is made of different sensitive materials, be sure to check the sewn laundry label before washing for the first time at what cycle you can wash your underwear. And also, whether you are allowed to wash the underwear in the washing machine or only by hand.
Generally, you can wash cotton underwear hotter than synthetic material such as microfiber.
In addition, white laundry can handle higher temperatures better than dark underwear, because dark colors run the risk of bleeding if you wash them too hot.
You can usually wash white underwear made of pure cotton either at the hottest cycle or at the cycle for whites with heavy duty detergent powder. Bacteria certainly do not stand a chance of surviving at the hottest wash (cooking) cycle. And even if you wash white laundry with heavy duty detergent (which contains bleach), all bacteria should be killed.
Note: The use of the hottest wash cycle also serves to clean the washing machine.

Underwear of several people together you should never wash at a cold cycle and also not without bleach.
In colored underwear, you should make sure that you wash only similar color laundry and use a color detergent (colored detergent).

At a cold cycle you should not wash underwear together with other coloreds.
Delicate white or even colorful underwear made of fine materials are washed at a cold cycle..
If the label “Wash Separately” is printed on the laundry label, this may mean that you should wash this laundry separately from other colors and only with a color-like underwear.
If underwear is washed at a low temperature (cold cycle), it is recommended to use a hygiene detergent or a hygiene rinse aid in addition to the normal detergent. When dosing, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging. These disinfectants kill germs and bacteria even at low washing temperatures.
Attention: Washing your clothes very hot is very important especially for infections, viral and fungal diseases! For example, if a family member suffers from influenza, a gastrointestinal virus or athlete’s foot, you should definitely separate your laundry and wash it at a hot cycle with heavy-duty detergent as soon as possible. Therefore, should the sick person only wear cotton underwear that can be washed very hot.

How to wash panties and boxer shorts properly

It is generally recommended to wash women’s briefs and men’s boxer shorts at cold cycles (with the addition of a hygiene rinse).

Especially fine fabrics such as silk, lingerie with lace and lingerie are best washed by hand, with mild detergent and the temperature specified by the manufacturer (this also give hygiene dish to it!)
If your washing machine has a special hand washing program, you can also wash silk underwear, lingerie, fine lace underwear and decorated or printed briefs in this gentle wash program. You should turn the laundry to the left and put it in a laundry net. Since most men’s briefs and boxer shorts are made of cotton, you can safely wash these underpants in the washing machine.

Underwear, which can only be washed at a cold cycle, should be left to dry outside if possible in the fresh air, because UV rays also help against bacteria.

How to dry underwear

Whether you are allowed to put your underwear in the dryer or better let it air dry, you can also refer to the washing and care instructions.

Washing bra – how often and how to do it properly

In contrast to briefs that should be changed daily, you can wear a bra three or four times on average, then at the latest it belongs to the laundry. Tend to sweat, you should wash your bras sooner.
It is recommended not to wear a bra on two consecutive days, but to rest the bra for at least one day at a time. Sports bras should be washed after each use. Since these are usually made of easy-care material, most sports bras can be washed in the washing machine.
Whether you are allowed to wash a bra in the washing machine in the gentle washing program or if hand washing is required, you can see the sewn-in label. In any case, it is easier to wash bras by hand. This particularly applies to lingerie and bras made of fine materials, bra with braces, preformed bras with cups or push-up bras. For bras it is recommended to separate by color before washing, never to wash at hot cycles and to use only mild detergent powders.

It goes without saying that white bras have to be washed completely separately or together with other white garments

How to wash a bra by hand

Put lukewarm water in a wash bowl and add a little mild detergent (according to the dosing instructions)
Then soak the bra or bras in the detergent solution for several minutes and then gently agitate in the water. Then remove and rinse with cold or lukewarm water. Then to dry flat, with the cups up, put on a towel and let air dry.
Caution: Under no circumstances should you wring bras out, squeeze them together or dry them in the tumble dryer! And also ironing is taboo with bras!

How to wash bras in the washing machine (if allowed!)

If you prefer to wash your bras in the washing machine, you should definitely make the closure on the bra, so that the hooks do not get caught in the fibers and possibly tear holes in the fabric.
Since underwired bras pose a risk of the stirrup scraping through the delicate tissue, working out during the wash cycle, and then becoming trapped in the wash tub, you should always place a bra with a stirrup in a mesh for safety. In addition, a laundry net also helps to protect the fine fibers from friction.
It is also important that you wash bras only in the gentle wash program or hand wash program and only together with color-like delicates – not spin. Because a spin cycle or the compression by other heavier clothes might cause deforming and loosing of the fit.

Of course, you should also wash new underwear before putting them on for the first time. For one thing, the fibers may still contain chemical substances, dyes or other residues from production. On the other hand, it is unclear by whom and above all how the underwear has been tried on so far.