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Washing White Laundry – The Best Washing Tips

How To Keep The Whites White?

Sorting out white laundry
Before we are going to use the washing machine, we should sort our laundry according to color and material. Because of the different materials, must be different laundry needs and colorful clothes, should be out separately from white colors. And the most important is to check the fabric care label. Heavy stained or soiled clothes can be treated first to help release those stubborn dirt before putting into washing machine.

White laundry should be washed with heavy-duty detergent powder. With powder and not with a liquid detergent, since powder has a much higher efficiency. Liquid heavy-duty detergents usually wash worse, they are more harmful to the environment and make whites look rather gray. Unlike liquids, washing powder also contains bleach and ensures that the laundry stays bright white.

Washing temperature
You should wash the white laundry as hot as possible. Ultimately, however, the temperature depends on the fabric. Cotton and linen is best wash around 140 °F, wool and silk should be washed at a maximum of 105 °F and for towels, bed linen and underwear the hottest wash cycle is best. Finally, you should pay attention to the care label of the textiles before each wash cycle. It may also be that a hand wash is recommended for one or the other sensitive part.

Washing cycle
The washing cycle or washing program also depends on the material. The program for delicates you choose with sensitive tissue, which should be washed cold. For wool, the wool wash cycle or hand washables cycle is recommended accordingly. And you choose the sanitize, whites or hottest wash cycle for textiles that should be washed at the highest temperatures.

Washing white laundry – The best stain remover

For spotty garments that are only allowed to be washed at a low temperature, even if a soda based detergent powder is used, we should pre treat the stains either with citric acid, gall soap, vinegar or household soda and then wash as described above.
For a radiant result after washing, baking soda helps. It cleans, disinfects and neutralizes and is used not only for stain removal, but also to remove odor from clothes.

Washing white laundry – Tips against the greyness

You have not worn your white shirts or wool sweaters for a long time? Then it is normal for them to turn into grey. But there are good tips on how to get rid of or even prevent discoloration.
A whites cycle wash with a pre-treated laundry (as described above) should make the graying disappear. You can also simply add one to two teaspoons of salt or soda to the laundry drum and run the cycle for whites.
White textiles can be dried in the dryer and on the drying rack. It would be even better if you have the opportunity to let the laundry dry in the blazing sun. This will not only dry the laundry, but stains will remain in addition and the gray snake has no chance.

Sometimes the dirt has totally settled in the laundry and it is almost impossible to turn the whites into white again. Even remedies such as citric acid, vinegar or baking soda will not help anymore. In this case caused by deep discoloration, decolorizers such as Boardwalk Pure Bright Liquid Bleach do a good job. Soak according to instructions and then wash with heavy duty detergent.