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More Than 10 Minutes
For Bathroom Cleaning …

There Must
Be Something Wrong

Very often we are not in the mood to clean our bathroom, but we have to do it.
Don’t worry! With a bit of discipline and preparation that only takes 10 minutes.

Of course there are nicer things than cleaning, especially when it comes to the bathroom cleaning. But if we just pull ourselves together for ten minutes, try to be enthusiastic and quickly get the bathroom done, we feel good afterwards, are rewarded with a spotless bath and have time for more beautiful things.

Step 1 –  Get your prepared cleaning agents and tools

If you have to search for cleaning supplies, you can’t do the job within 10 minutes. An organized cleaning is half the battle. The most important cleaning utensils should always be prepared and be ready to fight. That means that for cleaning the bathroom it is important to have gloves, sponge, squeegee, kitchen paper, bathroom cleaner, toilet cleaner, glass cleaner and microfiber cloths as well as the vac cleaner nearby.
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Step 2 – Cleaning the mirror (1 minute)

We start our bathroom cleaning with the mirror. He is usually not that dirty and quickly cleaned. Sprinkle some glass cleaner (or an alternatively detergent) on the mirror and wipe with lint-free kitchen paper.

Step 3 – Cleaning the sink (2 minutes)

First, there are stubborn toothpaste and soap scraps, which we scrub with a bit of bathroom cleaner from the sink. Here you can resort to natural cleaners such as Vinegar, if you don’t like chemicals. Vinegar is also helpful against limescale. Quickly wipe the faucet with a vinegar soaked cleaning cloth and lime has no chance. Then dry with a lint-free microfiber and fill up the soap dispenser or free the soap dish of soap scraps and the sink is done.

Step 4 – Cleaning bathtub / shower (2 minutes)

Baking soda is not only helpful against limescale, it is also used in the rest of the bathtub or shower cubicle. In general, if you regularly take care of your bathtub or shower, you do not have to fight lime and mold later on. Therefore, after every shower remove the water with a squeegee, so the water spots have no chance. Quickly wipe the bathtub / shower with a baking soda remedy soaked sponge and dry with a lint-free microfiber cloth.

Step 5 – Cleaning the toilet (2 minutes)

To clean the toilet does not mean to make a few circular movements in the toilet bowl with the toilet brush and some toilet cleaner for the good conscience. That has to be a bit more thorough. First we disinfect the toilet seat, fold it up and clean it from the bottom. Then we scrub the part on which the toilet seat rests, then the toilet bowl. Vinegar is here an agent of choice and a perfect weapon to clean the toilet and to fight urine stone. Finally, rinse once and put some heavy-duty toilet cleaner into the bowl. Now the toilet is clean and ready again.

Step 6 – Clearing not cleaning (1 minute)

Not only cleaning also clearing is important! All the loose stuff flying through the bathroom causes chaos and disorder. So let’s take a moment to look inside the drawers and shelves and put things back in the right place. Here we also find out, what to put on the grocery list.

Step 7 – Cleaning floor (2 minutes)

Finally we have to wipe the floor. Of course we do not have to wipe wet every once in a while with the mop so sometimes we just ask the vacuum cleaner for help or we just wipe the floor with a cloth and our foot. Then we take the trash and we are done!

Note: In any bathroom humidity is enormous, so it is important to ventilate regularly to avoid mold


For cleaning the bathroom
we suggest the following remedies:


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