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Why not


While Working?

Cleaning Instead Of Gym

Cleaning does not only clean, but also slim. Because with the daily household cleaning, you can not only scrub the dirt away, but also burn a lot of calories. However, the many technical aids in the household do not make it easy to gain momentum physically. “Housework today got nothing to do with housework 50 or 100 years ago”. Washing laundry by hand, for example, used to be hard work.

Therefore it is important to leave the little helpers aside and, for example, to clean the bathroom tile by tile by hand. Which cleaning workout works best, will show you Cleanadviser.

So Turn On Your Favorite Music, Pick Up The Rag And Off You Go!


Add Additional Exercises

To keep in shape, you can go to the Yoga class or just swing your leg with your vacuum cleaner. Swirling the vac through your home for 30 minutes will burn you a whopping 120 calories. This trains your thighs and arms. To make the exercise even more intense, you can build in additional squats or lunges, and then tighten and then relax another muscle area. In order to not only stress the muscles on one side, it makes sense to reach the intake manifold over and over again.
In general, one can complicate many tasks on top of that by, for example, placing his ironing clothes not directly next to the ironing board but in a more distant room and then fetching each piece of clothing one at a time, or removing items distributed in the home one by one. With just under 1000 steps more you have already walked half a mile. When washing, you can strengthen your leg muscles by standing on tiptoe for about 5 seconds and then slowly rolling back onto your heels. Perform three sets of ten reps each, with one minute between sets.

No Pain, No Gain

But if you really want to be athletic, it’s best to go out in the fresh air. When gardening, you will playfully burn 200 calories in 30 minutes. Otherwise you can only do this on your bike in the gym. And also for car fans it says, “If You love your car, wash it by yourself! You will burn 150 calories if you grab the rag yourself. Always crouch down when you want to wash out your rag and avoid bending forward.
In order not to be completely exhausted, it makes sense to alternate particularly high-energy and less strenuous tasks. After cleaning the windows you could wipe or iron the dust.

When it comes to window cleaning, it usually makes us really sweat. We climb up and down the ladder, pick up buckets of water, wipe the rag back and forth with heavy pressure and, because it just does not want to stay streak free, you have to wipe it again. So we burn about 110 calories in half an hour and strengthen our biceps.

You have a dishwasher? If you save the power and prefer to rinse a few times by hand, you have the opportunity to burn up to 100 calories in 20 minutes. Because the manual cleaning of plates, cups, glasses and cutlery can be quite exhausting. Since you not only need to rinse your dishes, but also dry them, you can burn twice the calories.

There is nothing better than to drop in the evening in a freshly made bed and much speaks for itself to indulge in this luxury more often. If you get your bed fresh for about 30 minutes, you burn about 105 calories. With a freshly made bed, you can still burn calories in other ways, because after all, the sheets have to be washed, hung up, taken down, put together and put in the cabinet.

Combine Housework With Entertainment

The overcoming of the housework is particularly good if this is associated with an entertainment program. Those who consider the housework as a workout are much happier than those who consider it only as a burden. Cleaning windows and ironing are extremely unpopular. Cooking or gardening, on the other hand, is popular. It can be, for example, much more relaxed ironing, when the television is running.

Conclusion – Cleaning Is Worth It!

So, if you really go out of your way and do daily cleaning tasks, not only your home will shine, but also your energy balance. Of course, the number of calories depends on your age and your body weight and varies accordingly. But let alone the burnt calories: A cleaning workout definitely brings new life into the daily chores!

If the motivation nevertheless strikes once, you can also leave the clearing for a time with a clear conscience to a family member.