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Fighting Coronavirus COVID-19


Fighting Corona with Vinegar

Since the Corona Virus (COVID-19 / Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2) emerged, extensive proper hygiene is one of the significant issue now. A proper hand washing is already been part of our daily life but avoiding contacts and keeping social distance are now also part of our daily life. What a strange! Right? To fight against the spread of Covid-19 make it sure to wash your hands in a right way and when your in public area use gloves or efficient hand sanitizers.

However, disinfect the door handles, fittings and other surfaces that are often touched is essential to kill the virus. But the big problem, those chemical disinfectants are easily sold out in drugstores, supermarkets and pharmacies.

What many people do not know that vinegar is also ideal for the hygienic cleaning surfaces. The acid in vinegar has been proven to have an antibacterial and antiviral effect. Thus, vinegar is also effective and at the same time it is natural effective alternative to chemical disinfectants for any surfaces in the household. Vinegar is suitable for hygienic cleaning of door handles, fittings, toilet seats and all other surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen, for removing mold, as well as for streak-free window cleaning or basic cleaning of the refrigerator and freezer. It can also be used as a hygiene rinse for the washing machine.

It is always naturally antibacterial and virucidal against numerous germs and viruses, dissolves limescale quickly and thoroughly, and leaves no residue. Last but not least, because it is completely biodegradable, it also protects humans, animals and the environment.


In addition to extensive hygiene and avoiding social contacts it is highly recommended to wear gloves, glasses and a breathing mask (type FFP2 or FFP3) outside the house for self-protection and to stop the spread of the corona virus.


Since the scientists are still not quite sure whether the corona virus is actually only transmitted by droplet infection, at the moment it is also advisable not to enter possibly contaminated enclosed spaces such as supermarkets, banks, subways, busses, offices, airplanes, … without protective measurements and not to stay longer than necessary!