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Cleaning And Removing The Stain Of Carpet

Carpets are used for many purposes, it will add color and decoration in our home, making our room more comfortable, persons feet cold from tile or concrete floor and a place to sit on the floor. Soft and clean carpet will feel us cozy. So, carpet or rugs need a care and attention as well. Because we don’t want a smelly and dirty carpet in our home. Cleaning thoroughly will long lasting your carpet and no need to replace a new one. Using green and natural solutions is healthy and safe to everybody. It’s easy to clean if you like to learn of what to do immediately for minimizing the damage of your carpet and act faster will successfully quickly remove the stain. Just follow this guide and will do our best to clean them up. Hope it will help you.

There are kinds of carpet like synthetic and natural fiber.
For synthetic fiber do not pour the solutions directly onto the carpet.
For Natural fiber place the solutions in spray bottles and mist them slightly onto the stain.


Cleaning Carpet With Ammonia and Cucumber Juice

Ammonia is a quite popular cleaning agents and very good to use as a cleaners in our home as well. Ammonia is good to use for Carpet Cleaning Solution and a carpet stain remover. So, if you decide using it, this could be save you some money,because it is good alternative from products used by commercial carpet cleaning. Here’s how: First thing to do is vacuum the carpet to remove all the dust and any debris. Then make a solution by simply using 1cup of ammonia and half gallon of warm water. Mix them well in a bucket. Use a sponge or clean cloth to dampen in the mixture,squeezed the sponge or clean cloth to remove the excess liquid before using. Rub your stain carpet with wet sponge or wet clean cloth starting from the edge of stain till the middle of the stain and keep rubbing till the stain erase. Then, let the carpet dry. If the stain still visible you can repeat this procedure. If you like you can also add cucumber juice for this solution.

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Ice Against Chewing Gum And Chocolates

Chewing gum is tough to get rid from any cloth specially from Carpet. But ice cubes can be your first kit homemade cleaners as well against chewing gum that stuck on your carpet. First thing to do is, put ice cubes in a plastic bag to freeze the gum. After frozen the gum, use a knife to scrape off the gum out from carpet. Then dip a clean cloth or paper towel in a mild solution to clean the remaining dirty spot. Let it dry your carpet. For chocolate, ketchup, coffee and tomato sauce can be easily clean by using mild detergent solution. Blot the dirty spot with clean cloth and dip the clean cloth or soft sponge into the detergent solution and use this to rub gently the excess dirty. Then press the spot with dry clean cloth to see if its clear because sometime the stain will takes time to break down. if the dirty still visible then repeat again the procedure.


Remove Candle Wax In The Carpet

To clean candle wax or wax stain from carpet simply use clean cloth towel or any unused cloth and iron. Just simply place the clean cloth towel/unused cloth on the wax stain carpet, then plug in the iron, wait a few seconds to heat up the iron. Once the iron is hot. Start ironing the clean cloth you place from stain carpet and while you do ironing you will notice that the wax stain will slowly disappear and keep iron till the wax disappear from carpet. The rest of the wax can be washed out with benzine or solvent.

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Cleaning Dirty Carpet With Salt

Any salt can perfectly use to boost the power of homemade carpet cleaners. Salt dissolves in water and can be mixed with several natural cleansers. We can use this in many ways as a cleaners in our home. Salt is very cheap and environmentally friendly it wont harm anyone in terms of used for cleanings. But use moderately as well if you use for cooking, hehe😃. For the damp shoe dirt, sprinkle salt over the affected area of carpet and let it sit for a few minutes to absorb the moisture of dirt and then simply vacuum the salt and the carpet. Repeat if needed until the dirt is completely gone.


Remove Carpet Stains from Felt Pens

Shaving cream works great as an eraser of stain from felt-tip pens. Just simply put shaving cream on the affected area and let it soak to dry and then rub off gently with a damp soft cloth or towel. You can also use a detergent solution by mixing 1/4 teaspoon mild dish soap and warm water. First is to blot the stain. Then dip a cloth to a detergent solution and use this to apply on the area of carpet stain. Simply work from outside of the stain to center. For best result, let it soak for a few minutes to work on more. Then blot again with clean cloth until the stain is clear. Then once its clean, dry your carpet or use hair dryer to dry your carpet completely.

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Cleaning Carpet With Sauerkraut

This cleaning procedure is very interesting and very well recommended. Because the sauerkraut is very for an hour. After that, you can see the changing color of the cabbage because cabbage did absorb the dirt from carpet. And this is also perfect, for a carpet stained, simply put the well dry raw sauerkraut on it and rub off vigorously. Then after those procedure you can sweep the cabbage with broom and vacuum harder to get rid of some residue and repeat until the carpet cleans and clear perfectly.


In General

There are many types of carpet quality. If the carpet is made of natural fabrics, then only dry cleaning is needed. If you don’t have opportunity to apply for a dry cleaner, and you want to do it by yourself then follow our simple tips above. Cleaning carpet has no golden term. And any dirt or stain can be clean by our homemade solutions cleaners but of course there are also important tips to know when cleaning the carpet. So it’s better to know the right procedure and method.