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Fighting Corona – Cleaning Schedule

  1. Clean with air
    We start very simply with cleaning in the event of illness: Please ventilate closed rooms regularly – at least some of the pathogens are expelled from the window. So simple, so effective! And if you like, you can use essential oils in a diffuser that have a disinfectant effect, e.g. B. tea tree, thyme, eucalyptus.
  2. Everywhere in the house: door handles
    Ok, if the patient is in bed all day, then you have a little grace period. But at the latest going to the toilet and later shuffling around the apartment make it necessary: ​​all door handles have to be wiped off. Because despite hand washing and disinfecting bacteria and viruses on the hands can never be completely avoided.3. Bed linen
    If we really feel terrible, the bed is the perfect place to rest. Unfortunately also for viruses and bacteria that remain in the tissue. So pillow and bed covers require special treatment.
    If the worst is over, the bed linen should be washed at 90 degrees. This is important not only because of the infection, but also because the sick body sweats a lot. Simply washing the laundry is not enough this time.

    4. Towels and clothes
    Do you also have cozy clothes that are only sought out when you are sick? I have an oversized cotton penguin onesie that I only wear when I really don’t care ;-). After recovery, it then goes into the washing machine, like all the other textiles that I have been in contact with. So towels, socks, underwear etc. Wash everything as hot as possible! If there are actually very resistant germs involved, the hygiene rinser can also go into the washing machine. Otherwise tea tree oil helps very well with the disinfection!

  3. Clean the bathroom well
    Let me tell you what it is like: if an infection occurs, a lot of body fluids are shed in the bathroom. And not all end up where they should. Tiny droplets splash through the area while gargling against a sore throat and the stomach contents will not always end up in the toilet in all microscopic particles. You understand?
    So you have to run extra when cleaning in case of illness! Wash all towels and the bath mat is on again! Disinfect the toilet and the washbasin well and do not forget the taps, the toilet handle, the lid and the shower handles. Wipe surfaces properly, clean trash cans and floors. What else? Don’t forget the door handle and light switch here, too.And then you can say goodbye to the toothbrush. Many germs are in the mouth. You can also kill them on the toothbrush with a special disinfectant mixture, but this is the perfect time to replace the toothbrush again!
  4. Clean the kitchen
    It is now known that the highest concentrations of germs and bacteria occur in the kitchen. During the illness, wash all dishes and cutlery used by a sick person in the dishwasher at the highest level. If you don’t have any, you can briefly pour boiling water over the dishes. And the same applies in the kitchen: disinfect handles, handles and switches!
  5. Let me entertain you!
    What do you do when you are sick? Lounging on the sofa? When Sophie was little, I liked to put a blanket on the sofa, which you could then easily put in the laundry. Don’t forget the cuddly pillows that are often there. And then you disinfect everything that is fun 😉 – telephones, remote controls, computers, tablets etc. – just everything you need to feel good. Don’t forget to wipe over the coffee table …8. Toys
    One child is sick and gosh, the next one too. This is because small children put everything in their mouths – and also stop the car with which the gastrointestinal patient just played. That is why it is extremely important to clean the toy regularly. And even your favorite stuffed animals can take a spin in the washing machine after recovery.

    9. On the go
    I remember the sound very well before Sophie had to throw up in the Maxi Cosi. So please swing your rag here and disinfect everything the patient came into contact with on the way to the doctor. This can be the car and the child seat, the stroller, but also the bicycle trailer. So maybe the cockpit in the car, the handles, the car key … Ok, you can skip the tram …
    Heavens, that’s a lot, but that’s the only way to protect yourself from a new infection! At the very end, of course …

… 10. the cleaning stuff
Either disinfect or dispose of rags, mops, cloths, etc. to prevent further spread of germs. All the towels should be boiled out really well. Sponges should never be used for cleaning, as bacteria can get stuck in the crevices. And oh yes: It’s best to always wear rubber gloves, which of course also have to be cleaned at the end!
Anyone who has ever looked after a sick family member with an infection knows that disposable gloves or even a face mask are not completely absurd. This is particularly important, for example, if you have someone at home who has a weak immune system and who is not allowed to catch a sick family member. Better protect everyone again!

Isn’t that a bit exaggerated?
When I read this myself, I feel a bit OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder – an obsessive-compulsive disorder). But I can tell you that a gastrointestinal infection is nothing against a norovirus. You don’t want it in the house!
My father had been suffering from cancer for a long time and was of course also cared for at home. At that time, such hygiene measures were very important in order not to endanger him with his weak immune system. I know that many of the above measures may seem a bit exaggerated, but now and then life has surprises in store and you will be happy to be able to tick off such a list without much thought.