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Be happy while cleaning your own part;)

This is how cleaning becomes fun…
Cleaning isn’t torture?
I have tips for you guys to make your cleaning easy and funnier “Your home will be cleaned as finest as you want”.

The tricks are:

Golden Rule
Be Serenity. The easiest way is to make everyday a manageable task. For example, in a day dusting or cleaning windows in one room only. Little by little the whole house will become sparkling.

Everything works better with good music. Also audiobooks are great idea when you do your task. When you listen to any exciting story, you won’t noticed the time goes by while cleaning.

Count Calories
Do you have a fitness tracker? Perfect! When cleaning, you consume more calories than you actually think. So, if you feel like you’re wasting your time mopping your wings, remember: You save the gym …

Kitchen clock misused
Set yourself a limit, and in time. A kitchen clock will give you a good timer job. Set it for half an hour. In that time, you give everything to clean and once it ringing, time’s up. Unless, if you still like to continue your task then go ahead and clean it all.

Reward yourself
Rest and feel the tranquil of your clean house. Elevate you leg and let it go those tiredness beacuse you deserve better.

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